Blogging and my students!

Over the past month my computer/career class that I have with the grade 6 and 7′s has been a blast! They collectively have been running a charity group that they named “Change 4 Change” – with that I have been encouraging them to blog about their adventures.

Here is an example of one of my student’s websites :

Weebly is a great source that I would recommend to any teacher! The best part you might ask? It is FREE! :)  (we all love that…right?)
Well – keeping it short for today! Just wanted to share some classroom successes.

Sharing is Caring – learning for the future!

ImageTonight I participated in a session called “The Connected Learner” at the #etmooc ( and I wanted to make a comment on something that I find was very important that came out of it.

Many people were mentioning that some teachers in their schools don’t share their work. In the past, I know some teachers were scared of losing their work to other teachers or that binders might disappear…but hopefully we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

As we move forward teachers should start looking forward towards things like or Google Docs to help share their work in the classroom. These are free tools and can really create some great avenues for sharing something that works. It goes back to that old saying “Why re-invent the wheel?” In an ever growing learning society where items are hands on and students are more engaged with technology, teachers should be working together.

On a new scale, teachers should also be looking to their students for learning experiences as well. As many have noted, students often remember their learning better than ever if they actually practice it or find a connection. Encourage your students to bring ideas to you and share what they know from their own backgrounds.

All in all, as this picture above points out! We will all be doing ourselves a huge favor by sharing what we learn and what we know that works! The more collaboration, the more learning. Isn’t that why we all got into the teaching profession in the first place? :)

Other places for collaboration:

…..and don’t forget that I always encourage sharing on Pinterest! :)

When is too much – too much?


Would you have this 24 Karat Gold Laptop with Diamond Logo in your collection?

This question is often brought up among anyone and everyone I know and I figured after stumbling on this post via Pinterest I would shed my feelings on the topic.

The question at hand is ” When does technology take it too far?”

I guess when we really look at this question we have to ask ourselves – it is a matter of opinion and likes. As I have been diving into Pinterest I am really starting to open my mind to other people’s points of view. Pinterest in all means are exactly this. Would I see this toilet in my house? Probably not- but I am sure it has its place in the world.


Our society has become very driven by what will sell and what won’t. What will be the latest trend and how soon after will it just be tossed aside. I think reflecting on this is pretty important around this time in January too, as we start to think twice about some of the gifts we received during the holidays – did we really NEED that item that is collecting dust now?  As an educator I too have to spend time sorting through what I need and what I just simply have to drool over. I think it is my job as well to save my students from making poor choices when they are faced with a world of choices.

Take the time to sit down with your children, students or (husband/boyfriend) haha and explain why sometimes we should support creativity and sometimes we should just step back and realize how ridiculous things really are. That macbook at the top of this post surely is a great computer, but when something is truly unnecessary, I often begin to wonder.

Just a small thought from me tonight as we see new developments increasingly smack us straight in the face! Be wary when buying and be wary what you promote. You might just end up with a fish tank toilet one day….and not even realize what you are doing as you are caught up in the trends of today’s social media promotions!

Pictures and Topics are taken from:

My first ETMOOC Assignment – An Introduction


Wow – So since I am new to blogging I realize – hey I forgot to introduce myself. EEP!

Well- how do I ever begin.  First thing  – I am a teacher by profession. I teach at a small school in Cando, Saskatchewan. My teaching areas mainly focus around computer classes from Elementary and Middle Years..but I am also taking on the task of teaching Communication Media and Technology, Media Studies and Journalism to High School students as well.

When I am not teaching- I am at home working on my 2 projects that also are becoming a big part of my teaching career as well. The Gaming World Entertainment Network ( and Gamers Giving Back ( They both work hand in hand with eachother as one is a online radio station that has a focus in Online Gaming Communities, while the other supports and promotes charity work done in the same communities.

When I am not being a workaholic, I am an avid video game player and dabble in all sorts of areas. I often get remarks like…”SAY WHAT??? A Teacher- a gamer?”  Yes and one day in the near future I hope to go back and get my Masters in Educational Technology with a focus on video game integrated learning.

To sum up my life so far- I get to do my favorite things all as part of my job, hobby and lifestyle.

What is up for me in the future- well I guess only time will tell! – Maybe I could travel?  (That definitely leads to a huge TO BE CONTINUED)

Taking the Pinterest Plunge

Recently, my principal wanted me to help collaborate on a Technology Pinterest board…which I might add I really have been avoiding using this application or site. However…I dived in head first and here is the result. Not all of this is “educational” per say…but of interest to me and maybe you might get something out of it as well. Anything from Educational Activities, Cool Gadgets, Differentiated Instructions….and yes my obsession with scarves as well! Check it out here! Let me know if you want to see a type of board I can obsess on or suggest some ideas or share some pins with me!

ETMOOC Orientation

Today is day 1 of the Educational Technology Massive Open Online Course. Pretty pumped about it! Over 67 countries are being represent and the map of the already over 1200 participants is amazing!  Check out the map here. So starts my adventure into something really amazing! I will be updating what I learn as I go along!  If you are interested in joining in on this awesome event – make sure to check out the twitter hashtag -  #etmooc or signup to participate at



A Class Radio Concept

a199d83815ef7a100d383e106f17bc36Over the last few months, I have worked hard with my students to integrate an online radio into the classroom. It has not been an easy task, but slowly it is coming to work great in the classroom. I think without Twitter it would of been next to impossible to communicate what we wanted to do each day. The students really are expressing themselves more than I could of ever imagined and it allowed me as a new teacher in the school, to really get to know them on a whole new level. If you want to check out the radio stream in general, you can go to and tune in via the top media player or choose your own media player as well at the top right hand side of the page. The students are usually on most school days from 9am-11am Central Time.